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The Secret Decor Accessory to Give Your Home a Warm and Welcoming Feel

Lighting design is one of the most overlooked tools when decorating a home yourself. Many people only select 1-2 light sources per room for necessary nighttime visibility, instead of considering how to amplify their design and add warmth. 

While lighting is a complex...

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Best Pendant and Chandelier Lighting Fixtures to Instantly Give Your Home a Design Update

Lighting is one of the fastest ways to upgrade the style and add interest to your home. It serves both as beautiful jewelry for the room and functional illumination of the space.

Builders often use generic lights that they buy in bulk for a discount. Customize your home by changing...

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Inexpensive Lighting Gadgets that give Your Home a High End Look

While decor shopping, I’m always on the lookout for high-impact home solutions that won’t break the budget.  Whether you are decorating to live or staging to sell, these lighting products will give a wow-factor you didn’t realize your home was missing!


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