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Why Decorate or Stage Your Own Home?

Have you tried to decorate but it doesn't ever turn out like you thought it would?  Or worse, you think you are missing the creative-gene altogether?  I have good news for you.

Decorating is a creative skill that can be learned, and once the underlying concepts & strategies are understood, that skill will continue to be helpful throughout your life as you move homes and  as your needs change with new life-stages.  You know yourself best, and if you have the desire to decorate your home, you are the one best suited for it!

The Decorating Coach is for those who want the satisfaction of decorating at their own pace, using the tips & tricks professionals have learned from years of experimenting to get great results easily, without the headache or overwhelm.

Want to create model-home worthy style?  Read on, my friend.


Love the custom details & cohesive style found in model homes?  Just add some personality & functionality to make the perfect design. 

Style is a hard thing to define.  In fact, the most interesting, well designed homes are a blend of styles.  If you find yourself drawn to things that fall into a combination of the middle of the spectrum, what mainstream describes as "transitional-modern-vintage-rustic-industrial-urban-contemporary-casual-boho-traveler-French country-farmhouse-glam-eclectic," or somewhere in between, we can help you!  (If you need a visual, we have plenty of examples on our Pinterest boards ;)

If you have found yourself drawn to many styles and feel confused, let us help you make sense of it all.  If you have only been drawn to one style in the past, let us help you explore your comfort zone and add new layers to your decorating skills.  And if you are completely clueless as to what that list of styles even means, we got you covered too!

(WE EXCLUDE the extremes on the spectrum: we do NOT teach about traditional or uber sleek modern-minimal styles.  If this is your thing, we probably aren't a good fit.)


Don’t pick just 1 Style.  

Create a mix of styles that feels cohesive, but interesting.  Your design styles will change over time (just like your fashion taste) so learning how to combine styles is fundamental.

A home that functions, Not just a pretty face.

Blend of beauty and function. A home that functions with your life and includes practical storage solutions, easy to maintain materials, and spaces that help you relax & others that inspire you to get things done.

Comfortable but Curated.
Too much = visual clutter.

A blend of casual comfort & sophisticated style. Cozy, comfortable furnishings with styled accessories that make a purposeful design statement to pull the room together and express your personality (& not just create more things to dust!)

No cookie-cutter designs.  Make a statement, subtly.

Blend simple style elements with unexpected details. Creating strategic focal points in every room help to make your home as unique as you.  Don’t be scared of custom pieces, they might actually be the simplest solution.




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"With a background in both photography and interior design, I've wanted to create a platform for online decorating advice for over a decade:  

To help others get the satisfaction of designing a home they can enjoy everyday."   

Growing up, I toured model-homes & drew floorpans for fun.  Leaving college with a business degree, it led me on the inevitable path to entrepreneurship.  Now, after 15+ years of studying home design, (5 of those co-owning a full-service design company, followed by a short-stint in the corporate world, and years of independent design & staging consulting) I wanted a way to help more people create a home they love, at their own pace.

My favorite part about design is helping you develop a deep understanding of your unique style, showing you how to infuse your personality & strategically create a home that functions with your life. 
I want to help you design a home to enjoy everyday, and make the process as easy as possible!  






Frequently Asked Questions

We are NOT a typical e-design done-for-you service that creates your design, then sends you a list to go shopping & tells you where to put everything.  

THE DECORATING COACH is a completely different service:  we teach you our decorating secrets & strategies and then offer online advice & support if you need it.  We provide a convenient, easy-to-follow path to designing your own home, at your own pace.  Our purpose is to guide YOU to be the star designer & get the satisfaction of designing a home you love!

We teach decorating in a clear, straightforward way, without all of the unnecessary pretentious designer-speak & theory.  You don’t want to go to interior design school!  We teach what you need to know & skip the overwhelm.  Nothing to feel intimidated by or that overcomplicates the process.  

*Note: in case it's unclear, we are NOT a full-service interior design company. We do not offer project management services, CAD drawings or construction advice.


Decorating is making your home best suited for your design style & personalizing it to function with your everyday life.

Staging is styling your home when you are about to put it on the market to sell.  You want to appeal to the most buyers, so many of the personal touches and style specific choices you made to fit your needs, will need to be changed to give buyers a clean slate to envision how the home could work best for them & their furnishings.  By de-personalizing your home, buyers don't have to mentally work as hard to see themselves living there.  They shouldn't feel like a guest visiting your home.   

Do you love the styling & special touches found in model-homes?  We do!  Model homes avoid a plain-cookie cutter look by including unexpected details, but have a design that flows cohesively from room to room.  A true blend of sophisticated style & casual comfort.  All they lack is some genuine personality - and we can easily add that!

We help clients with a variety of styles that fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.  You may think of words like transitional, industrial, contemporary, vintage-modern, urban, rustic-glam, new French country, boho, farmhouse, traveler, electic, or somewhere in between.  

We do NOT specialize in the traditional aesthetic.  So if ornate, glossy woods, layered floral drapery & accessories covering every surface are your thing, we are NOT a good fit.

We have a clear, straight-forward teaching style, without all of the unnecessary fancy-designer jargon & theory.  Nothing to feel intimidated by or that overcomplicates the process.  

You want to learn about decorating, but don't want to go to design school & learn about design history or building codes.  We are here to just teach what you need to know to get style you love & a home that works with your life.

Decorating is a creative skill that can be learned, and once the underlying concepts & strategies are understood, that skill will continue to be helpful throughout your life as you move homes and as your tastes and needs change with new life-stages.  You know yourself the best, and if you have the desire to decorate your home, you are the one best suited for it!

You will probably buy & sell multiple homes in your lifetime.  Every home sale you will want to stage it to earn fast & high offers, and every new home you move into will have a new floorplan & decorating strategy to fit & enhance the space (even if you keep the same furniture).

I won’t try to sugarcoat it, decorating a home is an intensive investment of money, energy & time.  But in the long run, you will have a home that feels like you, that functions with your life, and that you can be proud of knowing most of what you selected are pieces that will be a part of your life for years to come.  So, If you are up for the challenge, it can be quite rewarding.


The true value of a professional home designer is in the strategy, planning & project management they provide.  The actual design direction, inspiration, a true vision will be created from what they are able to pull from YOU.  Yep, kinda like a good therapist, they need to ask all of the right questions to help you draw the best design solution for you.  In fact, you give the same project to 2 different designers, with the same basic design parameters (style, colors, likes/dislikes) you will get 2 completely DIFFERENT designs.

If your are going to hire a professional designer because you have a remodel, or if you are too busy to manage the project yourself, learning the fundamentals of design will help you to communicate with your designer more fully.  

When you know what you like, why you like it, and how you need your home to function everyday, you are going to give better direction, and know how to communicate what you do/don’t like so that designer can give you a much better design than they ever could have before.

You are the only person who can answer this question.  We will give you the tools to help you create a spending plan & show you how far your investment can go when purchasing furniture & decor.  That is the beauty of designing your own home - when you go at your own pace, you can create a budget that works for you.  

While we share some DIY tips and don’t feel that great design has to have a high price tag, we DO believe in quality & that you get what you pay for.  Invest in key quality pieces & learn where to incorporate DIY or custom work to add value and interest to your design instead of cheapening it.

We are based near Dallas, Texas, but travel to cooler weather and mountains every chance we get!  So please start the conversation by dropping us a note though our Contact page (linked here) and we will get back with you asap :)  






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