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The Secret Decor Accessory to Give Your Home a Warm and Welcoming Feel

Lighting design is one of the most overlooked tools when decorating a home yourself. Many people only select 1-2 light sources per room for necessary nighttime visibility, instead of considering how to amplify their design and add warmth. 

While lighting is a complex topic, the best general advice is to use layered lighting throughout the space.

Layered Lighting

Layered lighting is when you use multiple types of lighting in the room. Perhaps you have a large chandelier in the center for general light, table lamps for task light, sconces accenting a mirror, or spotlights showcasing a piece of art.

This blend of different lighting sources will give your home an instant designer look.

Photo taken while touring Highland Homes builder model, designed by IBB design group

You can see that this designer used a large chandelier in the middle of the room, sconces on the bookcase wall with matching sconces flanking the wall of art on the opposite side, and floor lamps near the seating area.

At night, this room has several lighting options for creating the right feel to the space.


Adding lamps is one of the easiest go-to decor solutions to help your home feel warm and welcoming. Besides just end tables and nightstands, a pair of lamps can be added to dressers, console tables, dining buffets, and even bookcases.

Next time you are watching your favorite show or movie, just notice how many background lamps are in the main character’s home! Set designers know that lamps immediately add interest and warm glow to a space. 

Pro tip: go taller! A tall table lamp (30”+ high) is a staple of every interior designer. Find a base you love, but it’s not tall enough? Swap out the shade to get the height.

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Update Your Home Lighting

Not sure where your lighting is lacking? Take a photo of your room during the day and another at night. Compare them, ‘find the dark holes’ (shadows) from your evening photo, and fill them with a lamp, sconce or art light.

Photo taken while touring Highland Homes builder model, designed by IBB design group

Shopping for lighting ideas?

Here are a few favorites:

Mercury glass lamps add a touch of elegance and glam to any space.








Slim Candlestick Lamps are great for small tables or when you are using several other decor objects nearby.








Photo taken while touring Drees Homes builder model

Lamps with Vase-Like Decorative Bases usually require larger tabletop surfaces and make a design statement all on their own.









Don’t forget about cord management!

A rogue, dangling lamp cord can turn a beautifully designed part of the room into an eyesore. To eliminate sloppy cords, use cord clips or even zip-ties to conceal them.  They can easily direct the cords down the backside of a nightstand, or along the leg of a small end table.


Photo taken while touring TollBrothers Homes builder model

Art and Wall-Mount Feature Lights

These down-facing fixtures highlight artwork, custom cabinetry and wall molding.






These upward-facing fixtures are great to use along hallways, or on either side of a bathroom mirror. They can add ambiance to bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and home theaters. As an added bonus, they help to direct light to the ceiling which can make rooms feel taller.




Other lighting tips and helpful products can be found here:

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