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3 Top Mistakes to Avoid when Staging your Home to Sell

Staging sounds so easy:  Declutter your home, clean it thoroughly, and fix anything that’s broken (and maybe roll on some fresh paint). But that’s not all there is to it! 

When preparing to sell, you need to understand the psychology of the buyer. Think about what objections they will have and consider how to design & merchandise your home to make it somewhere a buyer DREAMS of living. If they can easily imagine their life in your home, and that picture in their head is AMAZING, you will receive a quick & excellent offer because they can’t wait to start their life there!


The actual first impression typically starts with your online listing photos. Obviously these need to sell a buyer on spending their time to view your property in the first place. Once they arrive, you need to WOW them right away.

Start with your curb appeal and the front entryway.

  • Refresh your landscaping: trim bushes and add some potted flowers near the front door for a pop of color

  • Add new dark mulch to all of your beds - looks fresh in person and great in photos

  • Pest Control: Treat ant beds and spray for bugs; get rid of nests or spider webs in corners

  • Repaint the trim & front door if needed

  • Add a new large doormat

  • Once inside, ensure they are greeted with a fresh, clean smell


Create a cohesive neutral color palette throughout the home. When each room is painted a different color, the house feels smaller and 'choppy' when touring from room to room. You want it to flow, not feel jarring.

  • Don't leave bright paint colors on the wall - they can be a deal breaker for some buyers because they can't envision the room another color. Give buyers a fresh slate with neutral paint throughout. (Kids rooms can be a possible exception to this rule.)

  • Touch up any scrapes or wall scratches - buyers want a freshly painted look

inspiration photos taken at BoothBrothers builder model home in Allen, Tx. Designed by IBB Design.


Buyers want to see a light, bright airy home. One way to achieve this is through ensuring all light fixtures have the maximum wattage lightbulbs allowed per fixture (check the max wattages allowed printed on the socket label before you buy new bulbs!). Clean & dust all lighting fixtures too.

  • Make sure all of the bulbs have the same color temperature, even if they are different wattages! Warm soft white light to bright white bulbs are most pleasing (3000-4500 kelvin temp).


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Happy Staging!

-The Decorating Coach-


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