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Staging is NOT about making your home 'prettier.'

It's about making it more marketable, helping buyers to imagine themselves living there, easily. 


Getting a home ready to sell sounds simple enough:  declutter your home, clean it thoroughly, and fix anything that’s broken (& maybe even roll on some fresh paint).  
However, that’s not all their is to it!  When you go online to research how to prepare to put your home on the market, so much of what you find is too generalized & not specific enough for you to apply.


You need to understand the psychology of the buyer, what objections they will have & how to design and merchandise your home  to make it somewhere a buyer DREAMS of living.


If buyers can easily imagine their life in your home, and that picture in their head is amazing, you will receive a fast, great offer because they can’t wait to start their life there (and want to snatch up your house before someone else does!).

Ready to style your home to appeal to the most buyers with a convenient, easy to follow path?

Want to learn how to stage your home to sell?

If you are interested in this staging video course please let us know and we will get back with you on the details!

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