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Too often, decorating fundamentals get overlooked because people assume that they can shop for furniture decor based on their instinct and figure it out along the way. 


Instead of learning design strategies, most people find inspiration photos, take measurements & then go shopping. Inevitably, this leads to costly mistakes that could have been avoided, usually ending in one of 2 extremes:


  • Buying things that are too MATCHY-MATCHY, thus making your home look like a showroom with no personality
  • Purchasing a bunch of HODGE-PODGE pieces that never go together


Here’s the thing: you can learn the secrets & strategies professionals use, create a plan, and design a home with style you love at your own pace!

Ready to create model-home worthy style with a convenient, easy to follow path?

Want to learn how to decorate like a pro?

If you are interested in this decorating video course please let us know and we will get back with you on the details!

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Even if you don’t have the ‘creative-eye’ some seem to naturally possess, after learning design strategies you will discover you are the best person to decorate your home.


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